The Creative Process: Steps according to Abraham Hicks

everything-can-happenMost people know about the importance of setting goals to live a healthy life. Sometimes the goals can’t be accomplished due to others’ interference, or lack of interest. Sometimes what is missing is an explicit, coherent idea of what is wanted. To assume that you have it clear in your mind does not work well in this matter. The more we think about the goal, the clearer and real it is. Here some good news from Abraham Hicks:

“The beginning point of all deliberate creation is to identify what is wanted, and when you are not interacting with others, you simply make your statement of intent to yourself -but, when there are others involved, you must communicate, clearly, with one another, what you each are wanting.” It is Possible.jpg

Give your objective some time in your mind to settle with the right vibrations to call upon it and allow it to happen. “Because most of you spend very little time identifying what it is that you want, and because your thoughts move about from subject to subject so easily, and because you do not understand the significance of your negative emotions -you are often swept up into a negative situation, or confusion, that has been created by another. But an understanding and application of the Creative Process will free you from all life experience that is not precisely to your liking.

You are INDIVIDUAL creators, interacting with others that you have attracted through your thoughts, and you enter into agreements with each other to blend your INDIVIDUAL inventions.

It is imperative that you effectively communicate with one another precisely what it is that you are wanting, or expecting, from your interaction, otherwise, there is little possibility that your expectations will be met”

Takes No Effort But Time

I'm a ReceiverIt is well known that it takes no effort for good news to be revealed, that it certainly takes time. To say, the lack of popularity of Jesus demonstration of healing with no medicine, but love. Mary Baker Eddy promoted her understanding of those healings, the scientific method demonstrated by Jesus and many of his followers and later, by herself and her students.


Wouldn’t it be nice if simple ideas and simple facts pro humanity’s well-being and awareness be all over the place for someone to catch at least a glance? Facts about stress for example, which has been said to be the cause of many diseases and discomforts. Wouldn’t it be great if pharmaceutical companies promote health instead of fear and sickness for their own profit? It certainly can be a great asset for humanity if this knowledge is well spread?…Sorry for pharmaceutical companies, for it is a fact that their advertisements create thoughts of “wanting” diseases which are fixed strongly in people’s minds.

The Eecrets of the UniverseMan was made in intelligence no doubt by the way our bodies move and accomplish spectacular functions. The brain’s ability to create and to save a humongous amount of information as well as unlimited storage better than Japan’s K computer. No need to comprehend how it works to realize that it works and that there is a common ground for humanity, and that, as it works in a subconscious and conscious level it must work over our whole existence. What a power has been shown when people do great things out of love and under drastic circumstances such us calamities or need. It is like some powerful immediate force compels us to do our best regardless of consequences, that is a marvelous phenomenon when the Mind “unconsciously” does what is right.

I can of myself do nothing

Believing there is only one God… only one source of life energy and love. Let’s remind someone of the powers of the Mind and acknowledge humbly that “I on my own can do nothing”. Matter can’t do nothing without the Mind…Spirit…Love. The body has its own immune system to protect and heal itself. The German Dr. Hamer was undermined for saying and proving that an illness was originated by a conflict. Knowing about the placebo and nocebo effect someone may see how the sense creates its own conclusions away from reality, sink into it and even fight for it or even worships the illusion. Not a big deal to realize that we are more than what it seems to be.

Wake UpWhere is the thinker bell? the brain is just matter without the ideas. Can infinite ideas be boxed in the finite brain? Shouldn’t we be thinking of the unified field as the Mind, the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, harmonious and eternal? It is what I want to believe, and I knowingly attract to me such ideas, so…this is the issue of my disorganized reflexion. The body can’t suffer nor be happy, has nothing to do with pain or pleasure by itself. The fact that feelings change according to circumstances or perceptions show that the senses are not trustworthy, but Mind is. If someone at the table says something is not good, easily some others will follow the same idea influenced by ones’ concept even if it is not true.

I ve seen

Crawling under distractions temptations and jumping over the bushes instead of focusing on my Self so that I wouldn’t be deceived. Waking up to reality is not a task of one day with so much dirt implanted in my brain…it is kind of impossible to decipher, so the easiest way out is trusting the intelligence that moves my body guides my life and shapes my present.

Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy

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Do we ask for what we already have? Change belief MBE.jpg

The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God, – a spiritual understanding of Him, an unselfed love.

God is love. Can we ask Him to be more? God is intelligence. Can we inform the infinite Mind of anything He does not already comprehend?

Who would stand before a blackboard, and pray the principle of mathematics to solve the problem? The rule is already established, and it is our task to work out the solution. Shall we ask the divine Principle of all goodness to do His own work? His work is done, and we have only to avail ourselves of God’s rule in order to receive His blessing

HeavenThe Divine Being must be reflected by man, –else man is not the image and likeness of the patient, tender and true, the One “altogether lovely. But to understand God is the work of eternity and demands absolute consecration of thought, energy, and desire.

How empty are our conceptions of Deity! We admit theoretically that God is good, omnipotent, omnipresent, infinite, and then we try to give information to this infinite Mind.

We shall take advantage ourselves of the blessings we have, and thus be fitted to receive more.

Gratitude is much more than a verbal expression of thanks. Action expresses more gratitude than speech.

What we most need is the prayer of fervent desire for growth in grace, expressed in patience, meekness, love, and good deeds.

Simply asking that we may love God will never make us love Him, but longing to be better and holier, expressed in daily watchfulness and in striving to assimilate more of the divine character, will mold and fashion us anew until we awake in His likeness.Energy

Whatever materializes worship obstructs man’s spiritual growth and keeps him from demonstrating his power over error.

Sorrow for wrong-doing is but one step towards reform and the very easiest step.

Divine Love corrects and governs man. Men may pardon, but this divine Principle alone reforms the sinner.


“God is not separate from the wisdom He bestows.

       The talents He gives we must improve.”

To suppose that God forgives or punishes sin according to as His mercy is sought or unsought, is to misunderstand Love and to make prayer the safety-valve for wrong-doing.

MBE Being.jpgJesus uncovered and rebuked sin before he cast it out. Of a sick woman, he said that Satan had bound her. He came teaching and showing men how to destroy sin, sickness, and death….His rebuke was fearful…Get thee behind me, Satan. Jesus’ reproof was pointed and pungent. He taught and demonstrated man’s oneness with the Father, and for this, we owe him endless homage, he established no ritualistic worship.

The truth commands sure entrance into the realm of Love.

“Consistent prayer is the desire to do right”

Prayer to a corporeal God affects the sick like a drug, which has no efficacy of its own but borrows its power from human faith and belief. The drug does nothing because it has no intelligence.

It is a mortal belief, not a divine Principle, or Love, which causes a drug to be apparently either poisonous or sanative. The drug does nothing because it has

no intelligence.

What is Wrong with:

I believe ct.jpg

What is wrong with living a plane, simple but not dull life? It is healthier for the body and the mind. I mean getting away from the consumerism, judgments and regulations that impede our free acting. Thinking it well there is no need for shoes in every color, nor all kinds of gadgets never to be used. It is a matter of getting used to living with it.what to do.jpg

What is wrong with having an elevated ego? To me, it was the lack of pride in myself and self-esteem or importance what caused me to struggle for some time. I love the answer a person from Argentina gave me when I asked if he realizes that Argentinians “think” as if they were better than the rest of the world? ”what happens is that the rest of the world think that they are less or worthless” he said. A healthy ego can’t depend on what they do while growing up. In children it is a dilemma, they must learn that their value is in what they are not what they do, but what about approval? With proper guidance, they get that they are already approved and accepted as they are. Get the facts; we are made from the same source that made all. All of us, created by the same force that created the mighty human saint, as well as the most inhumane well-known criminal.


What is wrong with doing what one loves? The economy factor is an issue that kind of force some people to choose a career they are not passionate. Passion, the key to success, is out of the equation for some time. Considering a firm resolution and extreme love for whatever you like doing as a warranty of prosperity because once the commitment is made the universe will help and remove obstacles and place people or resources ahead. “This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.” Terence McKenna



If You R Happy and You Know it


History remembers those who have acted out of the Self, and I am assuming that they were happy, those whose pursuit of one thought, one goal, a constant input and their unique way of doing it like Gandhi or Luther King. It does not matter the task; the fact is that they did it in eagerness and deliverance. I can say when being into something entertaining oneSelf and loving it, feel no hunger, no tiredness, only excitement and a firm desire of getting it done.

What makes a difference? No matter our circumstances, rich and poor, pretty or not, the attitude towards life makes the difference. As growing older, living more consciously and less by default, insecurities fade away and it comes a feeling of being in control acting as natural as one can be. Whenever there is no need to please anyone and no need for approval like culture has brainwashed us to believe. We are free to feel free, even to make mistakes and focus only on doing our best. But above all knowing that absolutely nothing can affect us when we are aware and don’t allow it. Consciousness is the present, the past, and future.


When talking about happiness, Anthony de Mello mentioned independence of thought, not to let anything nor anybody to push our buttons; get rid of attachments and beliefs such as you need a job, a career, do this, have that to be happy. Allow no interference from others’ opinions, no ups, or downs according to approval or disapproval. In Bruce Lipton happiness is like a perpetual honeymoon state, easy to understand for everyone who has been in love. Joel Goldsmith, McKenna and Red Hawk, It’s observation, being present with the Presence. Living life as a trip when places and situations are new to experience, like a child excited about learning.

Waking up to HappinessI realized that I was making up stories feeling pity for myself. Questioned some feeling of loneliness, how I felt when someone praised me, and when someone didn’t greet me. Blaming my partner didn’t work, he never noticed it. Those stories were only in my head. I had no more interest in fighting but in getting the facts, analyzing any change in the mood and being aware.

We behave the way we were learned how to. Most of the time we act by default from the programming. We learned somehow the behavior cause of concern from someone who may have had a panic reaction and created emotional turmoil out of insecurity, lack of love, patterns, traditions, in other words,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA culture. We may not be able to identify from who nor when we learned the behavior but what we must understand is that it is not us and that we can reject it. We may realize that acting in the same manner as the programmed one does not help to solve the problem nor improve in character.


It is not about hiding feelings but being brave enough to observe, recognize, acknowledge, and face them from a nonjudgmental point of view. It’s not about making excuses and ignore it. The time is right away something unusual comes to pass, think of the feeling and accept it as is. No need to name it but identify the outcomes. Let’s imagine that after watching the last Apple phone add you acknowledge and feel miserable because you “can’t afford it,” realizing that, you can save yourself from that feeling and it won’t grow in strength. You may feel an urge to find ways to relieve that “sorrow” or you may search for other options.

Anthony de Mello
This is what You Must do to Be Happy: NOTHING just LIVE and LET LIVE. Life is delightful when no cravings when no judgments.