Peace at hand, Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd

For that, I don’t lack

Guidance and comfort

The Peace and the calm

And from this, our world

Will conquer all fear

For His one great love

Will covered the earth!

Awakening time…

Yahshua is my shepherd, I do not lack. In pastures of tender grass, He makes me lie down, by quiet waters He leads me to the light. He soothes my fears and makes me whole again. He refreshes my soul and leads me in paths of righteousness, for His name’s sake, He cares for me, for all my needs. I fear no evil, for He is with me, His protection and guidance give me comfort and strength when difficult times of darkness come.

Today in Paradise

Where is the happiness[1460][2305843009214430288]

A great beginning for a great day is thanking the creation, nature or God, somehow thanking Life, whatever or whoever you believe deserves gratitude for your existence. Recognizing supernatural wisdom, intelligence, and power or dominion in the unique creation you are, as well as in any neighbor. Acknowledge like Jesus did, that by our own means, without life, without God, we can do nothing. We need the breath of Life and are grateful for the harmony reigning over us already. Recognize that we live and move and have our being in God. Acts 17:28

When we are pleased with our creation, we surely not destroy it. I don’t have control over my creation, my books, because I can’t force you to like it or at least respect it. What I created I finished, it was somewhere in the universe and took shape through this individual outlet. What is other’s reaction towards my creation?  Only an imagination, a different from the original idea. Ideas in their minds, may or may not agree with the Mind, where goodness was what was created and is what exists. Same with God’s creation, He does not destroy his creation. Can we destroy beauty? No, no way, we may be able to destroy what human-made but not the spiritual aspect of the masterpiece. If my Mind knows only good and goodness that is all that I live with, only one power…harmony and best wishes for all around. And if I keep on giving no space for evil, it won’t have a way to exist or it would expire leaving no trace.I can of myself do nothing

“Everything God made was very good”, Genesis. The given rights established when creation are issues like health, wellbeing, love, and life. Nothing of matter nor muscles and bones. There would be nothing of disease, pain nor scarcity but everything to do with benevolence and virtuosity, with Spirit and fulfillment of desires. Why not instead of worry for food or clothes, we go ahead and feel the freedom of the birds. Why not reflect the Creator as a ray of light we are, Matthew 5:14, knowing that wisdom, purity, health, holiness and all goodness go with you everywhere, every time. Our job is to demonstrate the unbreakable oneness with the source of all creation, be sure it is unbreakable!. It is to accept infinite goodness by allowing it to reign in our kingdom. The condition to live such kindness, to reign in the kingdom that Jesus confirmed is within, is to acknowledge and live in the mental realm where harmony and love abound.

Anthony de Mello
All is well but the human mind does not see that and tries to fix it

What if we were sure that there is only one Mind? What if we were sure that goodness is what was created and so, exists? That evil is a human creation and we can accept it and make it real or deny it as it has never existed and let it disappear. What if we truly knew that we cannot be mesmerized by idealistic attempts to make us miserable nor intensely happy, it goes both ways to be fair. The dominion was given from the beginning and we have it…use it! To bring more peace into life. Should we allow ourselves to be lulled by illusory ups and downs? Or apply the dominion and control the reactions or answers to all perception.?

Reclaim your Rights
Reclaim your Likeness of Greatness


Pray for the Enemies?…

How great does it feel to overcome a challenge? Praying for the ones we don’t agree with is a real one. Why do children, a certain age, who interact with a disfigured one, act “normally”?. It is certainly hard for me to forget those parameters of beauty and accept different ones which do not agree with photos in magazines. I am just saying that there is no reason for us to accept what the media tells us to believe…it is the idea of someone like us, nothing to be taken as the general rule.

Gold Prayer

We can’t expect an answer since we are all different. Anyway, what makes an improvement in relationships is the way we see or accept the situation. We have the choice to create our life…to choose what to fill our minds with, consequently…act out of whatever we allow and want to be the reflection of.

Uplifting Ones

Joel Goldsmith

JG Problem

Truth is so simple…but thinkers make it complicated. I am grateful for the Life I am…for the life I have.

Nikola Tesla’s Gift from God

THE GIFT OF MENTAL POWER. “The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power”

Not only Einstein knew that Nikola Tesla was the most prolific inventor but many others who used Teslas’ ideas as their own and tried to put him down. Example Edison, whose aggressive campaign to discredit Tesla and his alternating current, by electrocuting dogs and even an elephant reached its purpose and ruin Tesla life in those days.

When asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive, Albert Einstein replied: I don’t know, you will have to ask Nikola Tesla”

Elon Musk on Nikola Tesla

Uplifting Soul by Martha Triana

Uplifting Soul

Expression of my soul in words with one goal to pursue…to unveil the truth! To help others understand that a high percentage of whatever is in our minds is not real. Lies nowhere to be found! Where is the happiness or anger? We bring them to life with the help of our perceptions, conceptions, reflections, quirks, and so on. No one is better nor worse than anyone else. We, all are the image of the creator. Spiritual beings…the light, the energy and the love, one for us all. Life is the Principle behind all our relationships which works like the law of gravity. I’m in heaven, in love with the universe, vibrating high from… the miracle of living!…living life appreciating everything, excited with whatever is around and trusting Mind to guide my evolution.


This new level of spirituality may be referred to as the 3rd level (Heaven on Earth) by enlightened beings, which is basically the highest level one could aspire to evolve into while still having a human experience. I highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates spiritual rejuvenation!                                                                                                                                                                                                              Janett Balleta

 These poems are both timely and inspirational. I would recommend this book of poems to anyone who wants a peaceful, optimistic and religious experience to run to the store and pick up a copy. Ms. Triana is an extremely talented poet who puts her all into her work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        E. Gottlieb                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                              Uplifting Soul Is about Love and Understanding Oneself.

The Creative Process: Steps according to Abraham Hicks

everything-can-happenMost people know about the importance of setting goals to live a healthy life. Sometimes the goals can’t be accomplished due to others’ interference, or lack of interest. Sometimes what is missing is an explicit, coherent idea of what is wanted. To assume that you have it clear in your mind does not work well in this matter. The more we think about the goal, the clearer and real it is. Here some good news from Abraham Hicks:

“The beginning point of all deliberate creation is to identify what is wanted, and when you are not interacting with others, you simply make your statement of intent to yourself -but, when there are others involved, you must communicate, clearly, with one another, what you each are wanting.” It is Possible.jpg

Give your objective some time in your mind to settle with the right vibrations to call upon it and allow it to happen. “Because most of you spend very little time identifying what it is that you want, and because your thoughts move about from subject to subject so easily, and because you do not understand the significance of your negative emotions -you are often swept up into a negative situation, or confusion, that has been created by another. But an understanding and application of the Creative Process will free you from all life experience that is not precisely to your liking.

You are INDIVIDUAL creators, interacting with others that you have attracted through your thoughts, and you enter into agreements with each other to blend your INDIVIDUAL inventions.

It is imperative that you effectively communicate with one another precisely what it is that you are wanting, or expecting, from your interaction, otherwise, there is little possibility that your expectations will be met”